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Hey there,

I'm Ashley Cheng-Jie Liu, originally from Taipei, Taiwan, and now living my artistic dream in the bustling heart of New York. I'm a passionate motion graphics artist and a recent graduate from the MFA in Computer Arts program at the School of Visual Arts.

One thing that truly drives me is creating art that whispers subtle yet powerful stories. My work is an amalgamation of inspiration, imagination, and the beauty found in the everyday. With a Fine Art background, my canvas can span from traditional animation techniques to the awe-inspiring virtual worlds of 3D design. 


When I'm not diving into the world of animations, you might find me driving around, from cityscapes to cozy suburban spots, exploring the glorious colors in ordinary moments.

I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate, bring unique perspectives together, and create something truly special!


2D & 3D Animation

Motion Graphics

Video Editing

Stop Motion

UI Design


September 2021

Group Exhibition, “Age of Aquarius”, Entry: “Noise Field”, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, Denver Digerati

December 2020

Screening,  “Space Dust”,  Entry “Hybrids”, FutureLab 2020 Exhibition, Shanghai, China

November 2020

Screening,  “Shorts: Passages”,  Entry “Noise Field”,  SAIC 2020 Film, Video, New Media, Animation and Sound Festival, Gene Siskel Film Center

September 2020

Screening,  "Space Dust" Program, Entry “Hybrids”,  SUPERNOVA Festival 2020

April 2020 

Screening,  Majestic Shorts, Entry: “In Search of the______. ” , Hyde Park Art Centers Chicago

January 2020 

Group Exhibition,  Experimental 3D Showcase, Entry: “Apple” , Mana Contemporary Chicago

October 2019

Screening, Exfest 2019, Entry “Within”, and “In Pieces”,  MacLean Ballroom, SAIC

May 2019

Screening, “Final Mesh”,  Entry:”Within”,  MacLean Screening Room, SAIC

December 2018 

Award of Distinction, Entry: ”We are all the same (2016)”,  Awarded by CanadaShorts Film Festival.

April 2018

Faculty Select & Digital Media, Entry: ”Gift”,  ArtBash, SAIC

December 2017

Award of Merit: Animation, Entry: “We are all the same(2016)”,  Awarded by Best Shorts Competition 

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