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2022 ESG Video

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

During my time interning with Zeno Group, we were tasked to create a one-minute video for Lenovo's 16th annual ESG report. My role was to brainstorm with the creative team, make storyboards, design motion graphics for the supers, and make the final video edits.


Client - Lenovo

Creative Directions - Zeno Group

Creative Director - Kaylen Hann

Supervisor - Seth Deter

Video Editing - Ashley Liu, Brittaney Skavla


The goal of this video is to achieve Sustainable Human Connection.

We decided to go with a collage-style video with mixed media elements, such as stills, hand-drawn elements, stop-motion animation, photos, as well as supporting footage.

Photos and videos will showcase how humans are interacting with the environment for a better, more sustainable future. Beginning at a slower pace, the video will noticeably gain momentum as we progress with our story, creating an impactful, dramatic build around key message points. 

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