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2023 Thesis Project

This project is a 3D motion graphics film about a cheerful day in summer. When summer comes, the sun is the most active and everything in the world gets a lot of energy. I hope to bring this energy to the audience through this film and make them think of their own unique memories about summer and their love of this season.


a single_edited.png
b single_edited_edited.png
Style Frames

The journey starts at a coffeeshop where they are having their first summer drinks. They see the flower blooming on streets and they hop on a car to travel towards the sun. From the city to the beach, daylight to sunset, there are so much to see and feel about this joyful summer day.

The scenes are created and animated in Cinema4D, rendered in Redshift, and composited in Nuke.

Character Development

The story is inspired by a memorable summer I spent with my friend. I decided to create two characters based on ourselves and I've made us in the palette of favorite summer fruits.